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Strategic plan
Guiding Principles for the Strategic Plan Implementation

The core values that will guide in the successful implementation of this strategic plan by all the relevant stakeholders are highlighted below.

  • Greater involvement of civil society actors: UNASO will be inclusive in the  implementation of this strategic plan
  • GIPA and MIPA: the stakeholders will involve persons living with HIV/AIDS at all stages and levels of the USP implementation
  • Accountability: all key stakeholders involved in HIV/AIDS activities in the sector will share programmes, work plans and reports with government, coordination mechanisms and local authorities
  • Non partisan: UNASO will neither align to nor favour any political organization
  • Non-ethnicity: No body or group of persons will be excluded either at implementation or during access to services provided by ASOs on the account of one’s ethnicity.
  • Non-religious based: UNASO will be neutral with regard to the religious affiliation of the individuals that form its registered member organizations
  • Nondiscrimination: UNASO will nor discriminate or tolerate discrimination against any organization for whatever reason; it will also not discriminate or tolerate discrimination against employees or job applicants in member organization on grounds of HIV/AIDS status.

This strategic plan summarizes UNASO’s key priorities and sets out her programme areas that we believe will position the organisation in a proper direction to deliver her mandate. Specifically UNASO has set herself to focus on the following strategic areas in the next five years:

1. Improving institutional capacity of UNASO and its membership to contribute to the national response.

2. Enhancing the capacity of UNASO to coordinate, network and strengthen partnerships among ASOs and other actors for effective HIV and AIDS response.

3. Prompting an enabling and supportive environment for quality HIV and AIDS service delivery.

4. Improving coordination and management of strategic information for HIV and AIDS response among CS ASOs.

It is important to note that this plan was prepared through a collective effort that involved various stakeholders. Please click this link to access the full copy of UNASO Strategic plan….Read full plan here