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Information sharing networking & partnership

Information sharing networking & Partnership

For fourteen years, UNASO has been fostering networking and collaboration among CSOs engaged in the national HIV&AIDS response in Uganda.

Over these years UNASO as a learning network has adopted several strategies to foster effective and efficient coordination.As the network continues to grow and the wealth of experience of what works accumulates, there is a need to document the way we foster networking and partnerships among the membership. It is this realization that culminated in the documentation of the UNASO networking model.

The model is firmly rooted in the network goal “To enhance collective response to HIV/AIDS by ASOs in Uganda through enhanced networking and partnerships.” It is hinged on the human rights principles but above all grounded in our most cherished value of transparency and accountability.

This model will not only guide us on the delicate steps we need to under take in an effort to initiate and strengthen networking and partnerships but also enable us to sustain the networks and partnerships that we create. The four core UNASO Strategic areas of Capacity building, Research, Advocacy and Lobbying, Partnerships and Networking and Information generation and sharing are at the very core of this model.

The model further ensures that there is a constant two way communication between the various levels within the network to facilitate consultation, feedback for joint action and ownership by the network members.
This model puts the network in a stronger position to strengthen networking and partnership within the network but also to meaningfully share how we have managed to do it. See Networking Model