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(i) The Journey of UNASO Through 18 Years.

This book highlights the formation of UNASO, its growth, success and challenges. We interviewed the founders and first employees of UNASO inorder to come up with this story. Click on the link below to read the UNASO_Story Book

(ii)The Uganda AIDS Accountability Score Card

The Uganda AIDS Accountability score card was produced by The Uganda Network of AIDS Services Organisations(UNASO) with support of United Nations Development Programme(UNDP). The contents of this publication are the responsibility of UNASO and not of our development partners. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, or reprinted in any form by any means without the prior permission of the copyright holder. UNASO encourages its use and will be happy If excerpts are copied and used. When doing so, however please acknowledge UNASO.

Read more…Uganda AIDS Accountability Score Card_Final Report

(iii)The Accountability and Governance Framework and Tools for AIDS Service organizations in Uganda

In thirty years since HIV and AIDS was first identified, confusion persists over effective mechanisms for controlling the epidemic. The disease has evolved from primarily a public health concern into a major development challenge of crisis proportions. Over the years, a number of different players have continued to play different roles in the fight against the epidemic and have made substantive contribution to the national response. Read more…

(iv) Issues Paper on Community and Health Systems Strengthening for Improved HIV&AIDS Service Delivery in Uganda.
Between September-October 2012, UNASO, with support from UNDP commissioned a study aimed at “assessing Governance and Accountability Mechanism in HIV and AIDS Programme in Uganda in 2012. While the study revealed availability of a number of mechanisms for governance; it highlighted participation of citzens in review of the response performance as one of the major gaps among others. To address the above challenge the study team recommended conducting and establishment of a National AIDS Accountability scorecard….Click here for more Issues Paper NSC
(v) Civil Society Contribution to HIV/AIDS in Uganda
We are pleased to share with you this report which documented the contribution of civil society organisations to the national HIV and AIDS response in the country in 2009.This report which captures CSO contribution to the main thematic areas of the National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan – prevention, care and treatment, social support, systems strengthening, and advocacy and policy engagement – is a clear manifestation that the civil society has not grown tired of devoting persistent efforts to counteract the effects and impact of HIV and AIDS in Uganda. Read more…
(vi) Assessment of the Functionality of Hospital Boards and Health Unit Management Committees in Uganda. (HUMCs Study)
In June 2014, UNASO commissioned this study to assess the functionality of HUMCs and Hospital Boards in Uganda. The assessment covered eight districts from all regions of Uganda covering 21 health facilities. Interviews were conducted with members of HUMCs and HBs, incharge of sampled health facilities, district officials and users of the sampled facilities.. Read more….HUMC Study Report 2014

(vii) UNASO Annual Report 1June 2013- 30th June 2014

This report highlights achievements that UNASO realized between July 1st 2013 and June 30th 2014 against activities and targets that were planned. It also highlights lessons, experiences and challenges that were encountered over the year. Over this period, UNASO remained focused on her current strategic plan objectives namely;
(i) Institutional capacity of UNASO to deliver its mandate improved
(ii) Coordination, networking & partnership among ASOs and other actors strengthened
(iii) HIV&AIDS policies, legislation and programmes influenced and
(iv) Strategic information management for HIV&AIDS response among ASOs improved. Click here for more on UNASO Annual Report- July 13 – July 14

(viii) UNASO Directory

The Uganda Networks of AIDS Service Organisations (UNASO) undertook efforts to produce this directory in order to contribute to the effective implementation of the National Strategic Plan 2007/2008- 2011/2012. The directory will enhance coordination and transparency by providing information to stakeholders about the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that are engaged in the HIV and AIDS national response, where they are located and the HIV&AIDS intervention activities they are engaged in. The directory will also promo telearning and sharing among ASOs, facilitate communication between the UNASO Secretariat, ASOs and other stakeholders, and will act as a reference tool for various stakeholders to verify the existence of certain organizations. For more information…click here