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What We Do

Core Values and Mandate
Uganda Network of AIDS service Organizations (UNASO), was formed in 1996, is a net work of organization that exist to provide coordination, representation and networking among civil society AIDS service organizations in Uganda for enhanced quality HIV/AIDS service delivery.

UNASO undertakes this task through facilitating civil society organizations(CSOs) participation, constructive dialogue and engagement of duty bearers in national and decentralized HIV/AIDS response; fostering collaboration, networking and strategic partnerships among CSOs and providing platforms for exchange and sharing of strategic information and experience among CSOs that are engaged in HIV/AIDS responce. UNASO,s membership strength to date in over 1600 organizations.

UNASO also facilitated the establishment of 50 district networks in the country. In addition UNASO also serves as a secretariat for the civil society inter-constituency committee under partnership arrangement for HIV/AIDS national response.

Our Vision Statement:
A society free of HIV/AIDS and its impact.
Mission Statement:
To provide leadership to AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) for a collective response to HIV/AIDS through effective representation, coordination, and enhanced capacities.
UNASO has set itself the following strategic objectives to beachieved by 2016-2020
Enhance ASOs capacities and build institutional systems within UNASO for effective HIV/AIDS response.
 Promote advocacy and representation for the civil society ASOs with regard to policies and practices affecting their work.
 Promote access to strategic information and knowledge management among ASOs for improved efficient, and effective HIV/AIDS response.
 Enhance networking, partnership building, and coordination among civil society ASOs and other actors for effective and sustainable HIV/AIDS response.
 Increase access to resources by civil society ASOs through mobilization, grant making and management.
Core programme Activity Areas:
 Information generation and sharing;
The secretariat collects repackages and shares information among ASOs through regular compiling, publishing documents and best practices, newsletters, leaflets manuals and guides, education and communication materials etc. Information sharing meetings, inventory of ASOs detailing who is doing what and what tools have been developed or disseminated for effective coordination.
 Capacity Building for NGOs/CBOs;
In 2002, UNASO conducted a members capacity needs assessment survey which revealed that most of them have organizational development and strategic planning capacity gaps that limit the sustainability and effectiveness of their work. As a result many ASOs lack the competitive advantage to access financial, material and human resources to deliver quality services.
The secretariat implements capacity building programs for NGOs/CBOs in organizational development, strategic planning management as well as resource mobilization among others.
 Advocacy and Representation;
UNASO has remained rallying point for AIDS service organizations to develop consencus on issues that affect ASOs and influence decision making and policy on issues of mutual concern. The representative role UNASO has played on the national level committees, eg, Partnership committee, the Global Fund, Country co-coordinating mechanism (CCM), the civil society inter-constituency coordination committee (CCIC) and civil society Fund Steering committee among others, enables the network to make meaningful contribution to policy and to raise ASOs issues for inclusion in the key national HIV/AIDS policies, plans and processes.
 Networking, Partnership Building and coordination;
UNASO seeks to coordinate all civil society ASOs and link-up with broader civil society movement in the country. This includes agencies and other networks working on TB/HIV, Malaria and other associations or groupings in the civil society.
In addition, UNASO supports the formation of district networks of AIDS service organizations to enhance the synergy created by the national network and to build a strong ASO voice ant the district.
 UNASO mobilizes funds and sub-grants these resources to member organizations. Through lobbying and demonstration of capacity, the network continues to push for funding. Read more