CCM National GF Harmonization Meeting 2019

CCM National GF Harmonization Meeting 2019

Between the 18th and 19th of June 2019, UNASO participated in the National Stakeholder meeting on Harmonization and Alignment of Global Fund Resources with other in-country Funding streams. The purpose of the meeting was to map out all funding streams for the three diseases (HIV, Malaria & TB) by gathering information on; “who is funding what, where and with how much resources”. The meeting highlighted potential areas of duplication /overlaps and informed discussions on potential collaboration, integration and ultimately better use of available resources allocated towards response to the burden of HIV, TB and Malaria. The meeting also enabled the team to document funding gaps by priority interventions and by geographical coverage to inform the next Grant Funding Application to the Global Fund

Key presentations made focused on; the need for harmonization, situation of the 3 disease components (Malaria, TB and HIV), Health Systems situation and key Health Systems Strengthening needs, the consolidated draft funding landscape.

Way forward: As we prepare to write the proposal for the next grant cycle, as CSOs, the gaps identified have to be prioritized. We also need to prepare to provide evidence on best practices and consolidate our priorities for the next grant cycle

Participants included CSO implementers, Government, CCM and Development partners

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