UNASO Membership

Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organizations (UNASO) is an Umbrella organization formed in 1996 to provide networking and coordination among AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) in order to improve effectiveness and quality of HIV services in their areas of operation. Currently, UNASO has a membership of over 2000 AIDS Service Organizations in the country, and has facilitated the formation of 55 district networks as a strategy of fostering collaboration, networking and coordination of Civil Society Organization to contribute to the National HIV response.

Every 4 years UNASO conducts fresh profiling of AIDS Service organizations in the country. The most recent profiling was done in 2022.  For details, Click View Registered UNASO Members .

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Membership Benefits


  1. Collective Voice to engage and influence Government and other stakeholders on issues of concern to CSOs.
  2. Sharing, Learning and Networking through the platform character of UNASO that fosters reflection space and open debate on important issues for engagement.
  3. Representation of members’ views and interests in lobbying for relevant change at national fora.
  4. Participation and involvement in strategy development and decision making to shape the direction of the organization. In relation influence decisions on UNASO policies, priorities, and actions including attending the General Meeting
  5. Participation in UNASO organized national and district dialogues

  1. Opportunity to stand for election to UNASO Governance Organs such as the Board. Members can provide comment and offer recommendations to the Governance Organs on matters relevant to the activities of UNASO
  2. Technical specialized advice and support on different aspects to enable your organization grow and improve its work.
  3. Access to UNASOs Resource center
  4. Policy and Advocacy toolkits on current health issues
  5. Capacity building opportunities and tools for your organization
  6. Connections and partnerships and networking with other organizations, and a range of other stakeholders

Payment Procedures

  • Fill in registration form by clicking the button that says "Join Now"

  • Contact us for our bank details

  • Pay your membership fee in the bank and email us a scanned copy of the bank pay-in slip

  • Send us a copy of your registration certificate and constitution

  • We shall process your certificate and notify you when it’s ready


Use the online payment options to pay your Annual membership fees for UNASO, to be able to tap into the a wealth of benefits offered by UNASO. Payment options accepted here include Mobile money, Airtel Money,  and Visa Payments. Click Button below to continue with the payment. Pay UNASO Membership Fees here..

Thank you for being part of the UNASO network.

How to Join UNASO


We welcome new organizations to join our membership. It is on voluntary basis since not all NGOs in Uganda are our members. However, in an effort to promote collective action and influence, we endeavor to reach out to other NGOs and civil society organizations that are not members but subscribe to the objectives of UNASO An organization wishing to become a member submits a duly filled out Membership Application Form together with following attachments


  • A copy of the Certification of Registration from the NGO Board;
  • A copy of the Organization’s Constitution;
  • Membership Fee


While the primary constituency of UNASO is AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs), other institutions and platforms; that are not generally referred to as CSOs but whose interests are in line with the vision and mission of UNASO are welcome to join our membership. In addition, there are many other service subscribers to the work of UNASO including government, researchers, students, private sector, development partners etc. While these are not members, they are constituencies that UNASO provides required services to; primarily aiming to profile the work of members and CSO sector.

Member Obligations, Roles and Responsibilities

  • Members should participate and monitor the success of UNASO programmes
  • Members should regularly report on their work to the Secretariat so it is shared with fellow members, the wider civil society and other stakeholders
  • Members must pay annual membership subscription dues.
  • Members should be proactive in prompting the organization on important issues it needs to engage with
  • Continuously update the UNASO of changes in their organization

Registration Levels & Fees





District Level Partners & Networks


UGX 200,000 Per year


National Level Organisations


UGX 500,000 Per year


International Level Organisations


UGX 1,000,000 Per year